Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Garden Happy- 17

The best part of summer, besides spending lots of fun time with my babes, hands down has to be the bounty of flowers.
This year I have planted the most flowers. I could not resist the clearance flowers and the hunt for the special blooms I have pinned. 
I have discovered this year that even my local grocery store can be a great source of blooms.

My roses are by far my favorite this year. I had no luck with my peonies this year and will give it a second go next spring.

I enjoy cutting an array of flowers for my table each week. 

Monday, July 29, 2013

A little time to create...-16

I have been a very busy lady with room re-do's and just fun projects for some swap groups. Not to mention the gardening that has been happening. 
I just love digging into my stash....It feels good to use and not hoard...

I hope everyone is having a lovely Monday!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Where this woman creates...(15)


First let me tell everyone that I am first a mother of four wonderful children ages 8, 5,3,and 17 months. My DH and I moved into our home 20 months ago and my craft room is still in progress. I am currently working on several fixtures to paint for this room to do one last fluffing of the fixtures. 
I also need to apologize for the grainy photos since my phone is what I used since the fancy camera lens is getting repaired 

My craft room is in the finished part of our basement to our house since I could not fit my fixtures into any other room ...It was very generous for DH to let me have the 20x20 space since the last room I had was 10x11. 
Here is my inspiration board when you come down the stairs. 

 I love to display the swaps I participate in. 

My very first banner...

 I have a small thing for vintage 

 This is how I organize my glimmer mist, paints and punches. This over the door organizer from the container store is fabulous.

 My plate wall that is still being added to I have about 6 plates on the flour waiting to be mounted by DH.
 My sewing station/ computer table . 

One corner for trims.Also Goldie has her current home here.

This hutch was a favorite find from MO. It stores my shipping supplies and vintage collections. I have a small problem and love vintage mercury glass strands.

My two favorite finds ...pink and aqua

These are some more trims that I currently have carded. I also have Pinkie my petite dress form here.

 I use two of my favorite jewelry boxes to permanently display some buttons.

I love vintage hankies so why not use them for a valance. 

My display shelf for my swaps and more vintage love.

Another shelf for flowers and buttons.

My favorite cabinet from Home Decorators with a vintage shelf on top.

 I use it to organize all sorts of goodies. 

The drawers are deep and perfect like a vintage printers cabinet but without the smell I found with the real thing. Very important if you suffer from Shop-a-holicism. 

 My favorite cart.

My daughters craft table and shelf. 

A three tier caddy I made from three serving trays and candle sticks. 

A cupcake caddy to organize my bits.

I want to thank Karen for setting up this event each year and pushing me to clean my room. Although I have a ways to go until it is just the way I need it.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Needing a little shade...(14)

In more ways than one I have been needing a break away..so I have been delving into projects to keep my brain occupied while many things have unraveled.  I am missing the hustle of NY and the amazing junking in KC which made our decision not to sell our house very emotional. We are staying put so our children will have a better chance at a solid education and having there dad around most evenings. I had found a quaint house in the country that was about a 90 minute each way drive for my hubby. 

While keeping myself busy I have decided to redo the bathrooms, mudroom, laundry room, both daughter's room and redo about 15 pieces of furniture. Crazy I know, when I have four kids home over summer break. 
I am also adding all those little touches to each room from my unfinished projects bin. I am excited about getting things done and up. 

This is going up in my 8 year old daughter's room. She helped me make this and I was super happy to include her in this project. 

Side view
the back

I am extremely social by nature and can talk to anyone. In fact some refer to me as a talker.  I've been so longing to find some friends here with similar interest. My children have also been struggling with the same thing. I was of the mindset that since they have no close friends at least living in the country would make them have lots of land to fish and roam, but alas my hubby has made me realize that since our children have multiple health issues that it would not be practical. 
So making my house a home is my mission. Making time with my littles as quality as can be and just realizing life happens one day at a time...
I hope everyone enjoys there weekend.

Friday, June 21, 2013

13 Fluer Blanche

I have not fallen into an abyss but have been painting and crafting and just being with my babes. 
Summer is filled will endless possibilities... so I am enjoying gardening, watching my children being children and everything in between. 
I created these flowers with some little vintage bits I had just waiting to be used. 
I hope you all have a lovely Weekend....

Thursday, May 23, 2013

(12) catch up game....

Goodness gracious I can't remember ever being this busy. 
I try not to start a blog post with those words since everyone has moments in there life that are busy. 
I have wanted to get my hands dirty planting and helping out with end of year fun with my littles so blogging has definitely taken a back seat.
I want to thank everyone for the birthday wishes and also thank my sweet friend Maria for sending me this fabulous spinkles box from Webster's Pages for my bday.

I promise I won't hoard it Maria!!!
She has challenged me to create something about me and this is just what I needed to kick myself into gear. 

I also wanted to show everyone the fabulous giveaway that I won over at JoAnne's wonderful blog.

What a generous lady to send all these wonderful goodies...

And while on vaca to D.C. I stopped at a few junk shops and scored these goodies..
along with a few others I will share later.
Have a lovely Weekend Ladies...

Monday, April 29, 2013

Party Month

I was just thinking the other day I wonder if hubby will surprise me on my birthday or give me some extra funds for some goodies I have had my eye on for a little while. Getting older is never fun unless you party hard for weeks leading up to your birthday.
 I have been shopping hard for a mini family vacation that we are taking part of my birthday celebration. We are taking all four children on a ten plus hour drive to .....

Wish me luck. Traveling with my littles for our first real family vacation. 

Hope everyone has a lovely week!!


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