Thursday, July 11, 2013

Needing a little shade...(14)

In more ways than one I have been needing a break I have been delving into projects to keep my brain occupied while many things have unraveled.  I am missing the hustle of NY and the amazing junking in KC which made our decision not to sell our house very emotional. We are staying put so our children will have a better chance at a solid education and having there dad around most evenings. I had found a quaint house in the country that was about a 90 minute each way drive for my hubby. 

While keeping myself busy I have decided to redo the bathrooms, mudroom, laundry room, both daughter's room and redo about 15 pieces of furniture. Crazy I know, when I have four kids home over summer break. 
I am also adding all those little touches to each room from my unfinished projects bin. I am excited about getting things done and up. 

This is going up in my 8 year old daughter's room. She helped me make this and I was super happy to include her in this project. 

Side view
the back

I am extremely social by nature and can talk to anyone. In fact some refer to me as a talker.  I've been so longing to find some friends here with similar interest. My children have also been struggling with the same thing. I was of the mindset that since they have no close friends at least living in the country would make them have lots of land to fish and roam, but alas my hubby has made me realize that since our children have multiple health issues that it would not be practical. 
So making my house a home is my mission. Making time with my littles as quality as can be and just realizing life happens one day at a time...
I hope everyone enjoys there weekend.


Steve Finnell said...
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cmoh said...

OH Tabitha it turned out darling and it is so awesome that your daughter got to make it with her. What a treasure!

Hope things settle down (if you wan them too) soon. Keep your chin up.


Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

Love the lampshade you two made !
Know your house is already lovely but am sure you will add lots more creative and special touches to it.
sometimes we have to let our dreams wait a while longer in our babies best interests...maybe you could find a little cabin in the country for week end getaways?

Melissa said...

You know I love getting together with you! :) Hope we can get some junkin in together soon.

Also, I found this amazing house in bripp that is already zoned for retail. I'm really really drooling. Wish I could find 3-4 people to go in with me for a vintage space! :)

Susan Clayton said...

Lovely! Angels to you as you enjoy your summer.


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